Senior Portraits – $550

Graduating high school is one of the first major milestones for many students in their life. This is a time where students begin moving away from home for college, pursuing careers, and starting lifelong relationships. Many people can look back at their life and trace their history back to their decisions they made during their senior year of high school. We want to capture the unique personality of each senior student during their senior portrait session. We aim to provide not just typical senior portraits, but works of art that can be cherished by parents, grandparents and generations down the road. We want your senior portraits to be works of art that you are proud to mount onto your walls to continue to provide memories of such an amazing time of your students life.

We love sharing photos on social media, but what we love more is allowing you to display your students senior portraits on your wall or in a custom photo album that can be passed down to many generations throughout the years allowing the memories to live.

What do I get with my senior portraits?

We want the entire photoshoot to be about you and your personality! We want the entire senior photo session to be stress-free and unique. That’s why we put everything together in one easy senior package to ease your mind and stresses.

Here’s what’s included in the senior portrait session:

  • Print credit of $300
    • This print credit can be used for any print products, such as matted prints, wall-mounted canvas, custom photo albums, and more.
  • Professional Hair and Make-up
    • We will schedule an appointment with our highly talented hair and make-up artist to ensure everything is perfect for your senior photo session!
  • Unlimited Wardrobes
    • We want your unique personality to shine! One of the best ways for that to happen is to wear your favorite outfits that allow you to express who you really are.
  • Unlimited Locations
    • We want a location that truly captures who you are as a senior. It may be at a park in Downtown Oklahoma City, a wide-open field in Yukon, or a favorite spot in Norman. Let us know what you have in mind!
  • No Time Restraints
    • The last thing we want is for you to feel rushed and uncomfortable. We want to take our time and ensure we have the perfect senior portraits for you and your family.
  • In-Home Consultation
    • We want your senior photos to make a statement in your home. We will meet with you to go over all the possibilities and options for wall mounted prints and custom photo galleries that will create a statement in your home.

Professional Headshots – $150

Creating a professional portrait to make you standout from all the other business professionals is what we thrive on. We want you or your entire team to be able to stand above your competition with truly unique and professional headshots.

The different between a “selfie” and a professional corporate headshot could mean landing the client or not. Don’t let the opportunity you’ve been waiting for slip by simply because your didn’t have a professional and unique headshot.

What do I get with my professional headshots?

  • 1 Fully Edited Photo
    • We will provide you with the top photo (with the option to purchase more at $99 ea.) from your headshot photography session, of your choice. So that you can put it on your social media, business cards, and other marketing items.
  • Unlimited Wardrobes
    • Being professional doesn’t always mean a suit and tie. We want to capture the personality of you and the business you are representing. Different outfits can help with that.
  • No Time Restraints
    • Sometimes in business you need to slow down and make sure something is done perfectly. That’s why we don’t want you to feel rushed or stressed. We will work until we get the perfect photos.

Personal Branding – $450

Whether you are in real estate, a blogger, an entrepreneur, a chef, or even a fitness instructor. Everyone is an influencer and the best way to get your story across to your audience is with professional branding photos of yourself and the services you offer. Let us help you take control of your brand today!

What do I get with my personal branding?

  • 5 Fully Edited Photos
    • We will provide you with the top 5 photos (with the option to purchase more at $99 ea.) from your personal branding session, so that you can put them on your social media, business cards, and other marketing items.
  • Unlimited Wardrobes
    • Your personal brand could mean you influence a wide number of people in different areas. Let us help show your personality through your personal branding.
  • No Time Restraints
    • We never want you to feel rushed or stressed about time. We want the real, natural you to come across the portraits. So, we will take the time to ensure we get the shots we need.